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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roanoke VA Event, Monday, September 15

From Ralph Easton:
"Last night here in Roanoke VA we hosted an art/poetry event. Performance artist Id M Theft Able was the headliner. We also had a few sculptures & paintings on display. We projected some videos on the wall. Friends from New Jersey called in, & read poetry over the PA. We made collaborative art works during the event. I put up these photos of Pete, & made a brief dedication of the event to Pete.
This event is part of a series of events that we do here, & another part of what we do is create, & post all documentation to a flicker photo set. For this event I came home with 130 photos."
You can take a look here:

Guitars and Typewriter, early '80s

Photo by Heather Haley

Photo by Heather Haley

Hollywood Sign with Liza, 2003-ish

Photo courtesy of Eliza Walsh

Photo courtesy of Eliza Walsh

Peter & Don White, Hollywood, 1985

From Michael Gentile:

Photo by Michael Gentile

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Classic: Pizza Face, 1986

A 1986 music video, directed by Peter and starring Art and Artie Barnes (Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer), Miguel Ferrer, Gwen L, Flea, Eileen Davis.
Liza found this one, and it's truly elegant:

Barnes & Barnes video by Peter Haskell.

Two of Peter's videos, 2007

Ralph Eaton sent these links and descriptions:

This first one ... medicine, never click ... was mostly shot at my
house (aka the Junkfarm). Bob Moss has a cameo as the doctor. I too
have a cameo. I'm the crazy redneck near the end. I met the musicians,
and the other actors, but don't remember their names.

Video Peter Haskell

This second one ... Charlestowne Dream ... to my knowledge, he did by
himself, about a year ago.

Video Peter Haskell

Peter & Heather, early 1980s

Peter and Heather just married in NYC city hall (around 1982?) and two photos from when they started publishing their poetry magazine "Rattler" in 1983...

Photo courtesy of Heather Haley.

Photo by Claudia Kunin; courtesy of Heather Haley.

Photo by Claudia Kunin; courtesy of Heather Haley.

...and one that Peter took of Heather at the top of the World Trade Center, presumably also around 1982:

Photo by Peter Haskell; courtesy of Heather Haley.

Large Vegetables, Wisconsin, 1977

Peter and his Swarthmore-then-Baltimore friend Mac Lore October 1977. Mac and Gina were visiting Gina's sister's dairy farm in Port Wing, Wisconsin, and both report that Peter somehow tracked them down and just appeared there one day.
Photo by Gina Lamb.

"Because I Do," 1982

This is a video Peter did with X.
It's a faux-silent movie, and is really fun (plus Exene-1982 looks perfect in this context).

Because I Do from Peewee Herman on Vimeo.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family 1971

About to embark on a family trip to Europe, spring 1971.
L to R: Peter, our mom, me, my dad, Mark (Dean was smart enough to be elsewhere). The various facial expressions suggest how well the whole "blended family" thing was going.

Balto, circa 1978

These are Paula Gillen's. The first set are with Michael Gentile, Brian Donnegan, Cindy Heidel (?) at the Maryland Institute; the latter two from during the shooting of "AshPattle," a film by Pat Oleszko in which Pete and Don White played Cinderella's ugly stepsisters.

Photo courtesy of Paula Gillen.

Photo courtesy of Paula Gillen.

Pat Oleszko; "AshPattle." Photo courtesy of Paula Gillen.

Pat Oleszko; "AshPattle." Photo courtesy of Paula Gillen.