Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful Junque

Liza reminded me about this LA Times article about the artist Ed Colver, and the accompanying slideshow of his collage/house, with music by Peter and Thomas and photography by Genaro Molina (as Liza also remarks, you can also see the mannequin legs with the red high heels that are in a previous post).
LA Times audio slideshow, "Beautiful Junque":,0,2046638.flash
and the related article, "Edward Colver's art remains punk," August 17, 2008:,0,7015938.story

Art by Edward Colver; photo (from the LA Times) by Genaro Molina.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beth's New Video

This is the music video Beth and Peter were working on when he was killed; she wasn't able to use any of what they had shot originally, as it didn't match the new stuff, but still went with their original plans. I'm really glad she finished it. Their mutual friend Mark worked on it too.
Beth Thompson & The Shway, "Painful Cyst":