Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos From Cindy

Cindy Heidel sent the following: "this is a pic of Peter in my childhood bedroom...1976 (my first year of college) I was living at my parents [in Baltimore] and for some reason he threw rocks at the upstairs bedroom window to get my attention! I moved out shortly thereafter! maybe he knew my dad was a cop and at that point I had not been behaving and so maybe Peter was afraid to knock!"

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Heidel

Peter and Gina Lamb, Oakland, 1978

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Heidel

"Mark Homes, Heather Haley, Cindy Heidel, Peter Haskell at Perry's and Cin's party in Silverlake, Los Angeles 1983? may Mark and Peter rest in peace :("

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Heidel

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MediaPoet said...

Thanks Cindy! You're (still) fabulous.