Monday, May 11, 2009

Carole's Poem

Carole was my mom's very first student, in 1963, so she's known our family since then.
My mom, Ann, sent this along; she especially likes it since Peter was born on the Equinox and because she celebrates the Solstice.

In Lambent Light
Carole Knuth, Winter Solstice 2008

In lambent light he comes,
Filling the oracle chamber of
Your heart with his presence.
Child of your body, child of your soul:
Now the rockbed of your memory.

Across the veils between the worlds,
Thinned now at solstice time,
Your son calls Namaste to you,
Blessing your life-affirming journey
Begun amid the great festivals of light.

When the winds of change
Blow hard upon your sojourn,
Follow the dark path
To find the stars that shine within.
There let your soul loudly sing,
The vibration of that soaring sound
Calling from the realm of spirit
The energy of your filial comforter.

Thus may you find deep joy
Each time you know anew
The one who comes to you
In lambent light.

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Anonymous said...

Love this...just beautiful.